“The Almighty only gives us burdens and hardships that He knows we can endure.”

“Then, I think, He thought too highly of me…”

Why do we have to have burdens and hardships in the first place ?

Why can’t He just glaze His hands over and take all the bad things away ?

Ah! He doesn’t even owe me any miracles. It’s not His job to make sure my life is all beautiful and well is it ?

After all, He is the Almighty so I am sure He is quite busy most of the time.

Aish! Did he really abandoned me? Or did He really thought too highly of me?

Truth is, I have always felt His presence around. I know that He’s always watching and always there.Maybe, I’ve just grown greedy ?

What is it that allows me to keep on walking away when I know that everything that is pulling me back is compelling.

Why do I keep carrying this burden and refused to let go even when I know it is wearing me out?

Everything has always been like that since the beginning of times. I have never reached the part of harvest in my life. There is no progress.

But why is it I could still smile then ? Why was I still lighthearted then and not now?

When is it I forget to laugh and smile at the simplest things ?

Ah~! What made me forget who I am…

Who am I anyways ?




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