Rain and Fragility


It’s raining again. How is she supposed to go home? The rain just keeps pouring and all she could think of was being in bed sipping hot chocolate. Nice and snug. But No! She was just done with grocery shopping and the storm was simply too much to brave through.

*Sigh* Lord, please just stop the rain for awhile and let me go home okay ? I don’t want to bathe again. I just want to stay in bed so please just stop the rain so I’ll be able to get home dry and clean.

Well, that didn’t really happen but the rain did slow down and since she didn’t have any patience to wait anymore she just went along anyway.

It was the best feeling ever. She just couldn’t explain it but she was smiling and laughing just as if it was natural to do so. The smile just curved her lips and her eyes were laughing as her soul felt a breath of freshness. Somehow, it turned out way better than being nice and snug in bed.

And with the lightness in her heart, she smiled home.

Humans are so fragile aren’t they ? They can be simply broken or strengthen by such simple and small things.


S M I L E. Instagram : @11.98__

A smile today won’t hurt . . . 😬✌🏻️

Haha xD OKAY!

As usual Blur Me signed in today! I left my keys by the door and left for school only to realised it was missing after class ended and we were all just chilling around. Luckily I lived really nearby so I went back to find if it was where I thought it was. I prayed so hard and I was anxious and all but I still remain calm and YAY!!! When I came back home, the keys are by the doors on the shoe rack greeting me. Thank you for sparing me for today Lord. THANK YOUUUUU


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