01. A New Beginning


All the bags are packed and she’s ready to go. Or so she thought. Somehow her heart was heavy and she didn’t want to leave. At least, not yet. But the decision was made and absolute. She said her thanks, apologies and goodbyes. With a heart filled with both heaviness and excitement, she gave her aunt one last hug and bid her goodbye.

Carrying all her heavy baggages and boxes down the apartment, her uncle was waiting for her by the car. He helped her with her stuff and when they were both ready, he start the car and drove her off to her new home. It wasn’t a silent trip like how she imagined it would be. There were lots of questions that needed answers. Some were rather easy while some she didn’t know how to answer with words and just made a laugh instead. A smile always makes everything better.

Why did she wanted to move anyways? Wasn’t everything alright? Surely there were horrible times but didn’t the good times made up for it?

It was just a moment of hasty decision. A decision driven by bitterness.

However, despite a hasty decision, it taught her something valuable.

She left because of the bitterness but she didn’t leave with bitterness. As she left, she left all the bitterness behind and became a brighter soul. She learnt how to appreciate and love again. Sometimes, you leave not because of the unhappiness but you leave because you want to be happy again. Some things are just prettier from afar. Just like how diamonds are so much brighter and shinier before they’re on your fingers. From afar, she stood and look at the picture again. This time, she smiled. She loved them anyways. And she will continue to love them despite everything.

It’s a new beginning for her. A lost girl in a city full of hopes. May dreams come true if it’s in the will of the Lord.



2 thoughts on “01. A New Beginning

  1. Hey Vorona, I just want to tell you that you have been a strong girl, you will succeed in life. Even though we have only met once, I could really feel the overwhelming positive energy coming from you. However, when the time comes and you need a pair of ears, let me know.


    1. Hey! I didn’t know you read my blog haha ~ XD. This is like a blackhole that takes in all my darkness ~ hehehe XD~ But basically, I am okay and all, just really really dramatic I guess … ^O^`


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